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We get a lot of questions about SSD drives here and have a good number of people with SSDs installed. Vinas found a easy benchmark tool that we can run and get some performance data to compare the various drives we all have. There is no install, just download and run the AS SSD Benchmark file.

Just post your SSD and basic system specs so we can see how everyone is doing.

Quick tip for creating screen shots, select the window for the SSD Bench program after it is done running, click ALT+PrtScn, then just past it in paint and save it as a jpeg. Then just attach this to your comment.


  • This is my work computer

    Intel i5-2500 @ 3.1Ghz, 8GB of RAM
    Intel G2 80GB SSD (AHCI)
  • Intel i5-760 @4.5Ghz, 8GB RAM
    OCZ Agility 2 240GB (IDE)
  • Intel i5-760 @4.5Ghz, 8GB RAM
    OCZ Agility 2 240GB (AHCI)
  • The last two posts are the same computer, first in IDE mode and the second one in AHCI mode. This benchmark will tell you what mode you are in in the upper left corner. If you are running a single drive YOU WILL WANT TO PUT AHCI ON! I was able to turn this on in the BIOS without having to do a Windows repair. If you have any trouble enabling AHCI in your BIOS let me know.

    If you are running an SSD please post your results so we can see how the various drives perform.

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    just Watch Out for the default Bing and othet BS in the DL... and the 'window shopper' add-on from superfish inc. WTF bloatware man?
  • now it wants to update a bunch o crap as 'out of date drivers'. sorry dude, not spongeworthy to me at this pont - but thanks for the info.
  • Intel i5-2500k @ 3.3GHz
    8 GB RAM
    OCZ Vertex 120GB SSD
  • It looks like you are running in IDE mode like I was. To get a large increase in performance enable AHCI mode in your BIOS for that drive. If it gives you problems booting just put in the Windows disk and run a repair, it should fix the problem. If you get a chance to do it make sure and post updated numbers.
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    Led, try the direct download. 200KB, no bloat or spywares of any kind.

    My SSD array is having problems...

    I couldn't get all the way through the benchmark. The bad drive was acting up on writes.

    Good news is that I have a new SSD on the way. Went with the OCZ Agility III (Vertex was a little out of my range). I'll run this on my array and then again once the new drive gets here.
  • I attempted to switch to AHCI last night, caused my computer to fail because of boot and had to system restore to get it back after switching back to IDE. This was all after I attempted to repair the issue with the disk I have.

    Any insight?
  • Try putting it back on AHCI then doing the repair.
  • Yep....did that.
  • There is a way to do it with sysprep but it is a pain in the ass. I would wait until the next time you need to reinstall Windows and change it before you do that. If I find another way I will post.

  • Intel i7 930 - 2.8Ghz
    6 Gigs GSkill DDR3
    OCZ Vertex 3 Max IOPS
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    That is an impressive score considering you are running on a SATA II motherboard. Your drive is very similar to PBWizzy's drive but even on SATA II you are able to outperform with AHCI on. Just a brief description on what these values mean.

    seq = sequential read, this would be opening a single large file
    4K = this simulates random IO like opening many small files, most Windows operations are random IO
    4K-64Thrd = same as above but with 64 threads, this simulates accessing many small files at the same time with separate threads. This is the most important one when determining most performance bottlenecks as it stresses the drive very hard.
    Acc.time = self explanatory but I would not look into this for any conclusions. Sometimes this can be higher simply because there is more data going through the bus.

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    Intel i7 860 - 4.3GHz
    16GB G.Skill DDR3
    Intel x25m G1
    Intel x18m G1
  • That is crazy, will be real interested to see how the new drive compares.

  • JAB
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    I'm pretty sure I configured as AHCI originally, but it doesn't show either way for me - although I'm pretty sure iaStor indicates intel AHCI is being used.
    vertex3 240GB, i5 2500k, 8GB Ram
  • jab - are you running a 3MB/s chipset?

    Vi - TRIM is coming for intel RAID0
  • Wow Led. That's fast.
  • iaStor is the Intel AHCI, would be interesting to see how it compares to the MS AHCI. I will see if I can install it and run it again.
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    Thanks Led, but unfortunately even TRIM might not be able to save the dying drive. But the good news is that the new drive got here today and I just got it installed. (I don't think I'll be missing the generation 1 intel drives.)

    OCZ Agility III 240GB
  • Just for comparison, I ran this on a server. Here's how much better your SSD's are than the fastest 15K RPM server drives:

    Intel Xeon 5150 @ 2.66GHz
    4GM RAM
    15K CHEETAH SCSI Drives in RAID 1
  • How do I upload the screenshot? My three scores are as follows in order:
    274 296

    I think I have you all beat.
  • Read the first post, it tells you how to post the SS. I would be interested to see the scores so post when you have a minute.

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    :face-crying:theres an uni:face-devil-grin:ntuitive [+] atta:face-monkey:chments linky at the bottom of the post dialog box, below the :face-angel: emoticons

    damn thought I had bragging rights for once Jack:face-struggle:

    I'll also post up on my new dual 6970 upgraydd once I get a chance to install.

    Vi - how's the new SSD working && how did you diag SSD fail vs bad memory -> SSD corruption? Thought the SSD tended to Brick dramatically vs degrading.
  • && thanks for the direct link Vi. Pants: your link installed three pieces of unwanted s/w before I had the sense to exit; will advise if they seem malignant. But please use the link Vi provided instead. Thanks!
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    Jackal, go to file -> screen shot on the program. Then hit the [+] Attachments button on the forums (near the bottom of your new posting).

    Led, here is how they acted. The first was the good SSD and the second was the bad one. Both intel generation 1 drives.
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