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Spoke with NL_Flat, who's open to the idea of having VOA as contributing members to their ongoing enterprise.  Idea is that we retain our VOA identity (with exception for Scrimming instances) and have some levels of privilege and inputs on the NL servers, contributing $$ as VOA collectively.  We'll still maintain our own TS and web too.  Believe this is a win-win given our VOA experience with hosting servers and populating them, and as for NL: VOA might provide a needed reservoir of maturity to their community.


What do all y'all think?




  • I wouldn't have much of an issue.

    Would the teamspeak sever be conjoined also?
  • I feel very strongly about maintaining our VOA TS and web site.  NL TS can be useful and fun, but at times a bit below our *ahem* high standards :)  Still a work in progress.  Check out the beta with us!
  • most of the NL guys are cool, Im ok with it. We are mostly on there servers, maybe we can have some small say in the maps they run too
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    NL Teamspeak

  • We've made our first contribution to NL... PM me if you'd like to contribute to this, since our donate is linked to other stuff...
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