Potential new computer for 2014

So its about time I build a new computer. My current spec was mostly done with suggestions by you fine gentleman and has served me very well.

I have made a potential list of new computer builds. Seen HERE

 The builds (2 of them) themselves are very similar except, one contains a
7970 and the other a R9 280X and the choice of which Windows version to
purchase. I have seen varying answers about which video card to go with.
I wanted to see what others here may have thought or have suggestions
on what to change.

What I do want in a new PC, as listed, is a Full Tower, Full Modular
PSU, some type of all in one Liquid Cooling, and a AMD GPU. Everything
else is up in the air, the biggest being Intel Vs AMD chipset.

The third computer listed is my current PC and my question for that would be what would be a fair price to ask if I were to sell?


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    R9290x is at the top of the price/performance ratio: 9% faster than a 780GTX and $100 less...

  • I used to have a full tower, I now prefer smaller cases. The giant case just got annoying after awhile 

    I got tons of other crap(tons of beer cans, mt dew bottles, ash trays, cigarettes) and the smaller footprint made room for it, 

    I'd like to find a really well designed desktop case I can sit my monitor on top of, or take the time to make one out of an old ammo box. 
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