What do we want to do with NL?

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Please post your suggestions: server config, admin control, whatever else...

I'd like to get to the point where I can have a consolidated list to go through with Flat.

So far we *should* have:

!p immunity
fast vehicle respawn on SB#1
and I think !kick

don't know if !yell is working as yet.

please let me know! Thanks!


  • Is there an update on this because we definitely still get "punished" in the servers lol.  I'm assuming the other commands dont work as well but i've never tried them.
  • hey Maniv - I just tested this with flat and while the chat says you're punished, it did not punish me. That said, we're whitelisted by our clan tag (not user name) so check that in your bf4 profile->setttings->soldiers that you have VOA set there (and not [VOA] as part of your origin name... we can test sometime this weekend too.
  • also suggested that NL go to 48 instead of 64 ppl on conquest... and voiced our misgivings about base raping, stat whoring, poor losers etc. that are bumming us out. Points were well taken...
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