fringe needs a new PS

copied over from the tops forum, I keep posting over there for some reason. 

so my corsair HX-750 i learned is made by channelwell, I'll rma it and maybe use it in the future, but in the meantime I'm shopping. I ran it over to best buy after it failed to boot my computer and they tested it for free for me, it's dead (ps fan runs, video card fans run, but no post and cpu fan not running, and faint burnt smell from the ps)

In the course of my new ps search I found these links:   ps info with related reviews,2913.html

I need ideas to look at, currently I really like this Silverston 750, it's made by Enhance Electronics oem, full modular, with a flat type forceflex 24pin cable which is the reason I like it so much, but disassembly reviews knocked it for some parts used.  $135 shipped Rosewill 650w modular made by SuperFlower  $99 shipped  Seasonic 650w modular $99 + $4 shipping  I know Pants likes the seasonic, but the reviews are littered with recent dead and dying seasonics, has me worried I'll get a DOA too.

I was hoping to get a good powersupply made by a quality oem like delta, seasonic, enhance, superflower, cheap! lol, but they seem to price accordingly. 

Asrock z77 extreme4 nothing overclocked

Intel i5 3570K 

Sapphire dual link 280x

8 gig ddr3 2 dimms

samsung ssd 

no other drives, 5 or 6 usb devices, including my wireless adapter uses 2 usb plugs, so does the usb dvd but i usually unplug stuff to use that.


  • Have liked PC Power and Cooling PSU's in the past... but OCZ just filed for bankruptcy. So nevermind the 7 year warranty, but you may be able to find a deal on their silencer series (SuperFlower ODM). These days I'd probably go with a Seasonic g-750 for what you're looking for.
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    ya i was just in here to post that g-750 $119 shipped at amazon, I'm just trying to dig up alternatives to seasonic before I buy

    perp was just pimping pcp&c, I had to break the news to him
  • g-750 should be here tomorrow, wicked and grimm can quit messing with me now
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    well I got it and it works, but the power cord that came with it did not seat in the back of the powersupply correctly, and something is rattling around inside it underneath the unit, so I guess i'll exchange it....After I play some fuckin battlefield!

    until whatever is rattling causes it to go arc welder on me over the next day or so
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