Lazers New 2014 Computer!
The list of parts I used. Thanks to NewPants for parts advice!
Disregard the GPU listed, its the correct price, but wrong card.

Glorious photo of potato quality (Minus the video card, I just bought that today. Its an Asus 290x DirectCU II 4GB)

What do you guys think?


  • thing is super clean, I want to do the corsair water cooler also
  • very nice!
  • So far the water cooler has worked well. Temps idling have been ranging from 19C to 25C on coretemp. Under load with gaming about 45C. (Assassins Creed Black Flag, Rust so far. Still waiting on the video card.)
  • Looking like a pretty solid build. How is it working out for ya? **==
  • Well hot damn. We still use the forums.

    The computer has been okay. Some issues here and there. Mostly stemming from the 290x drivers and updating my BIOS (I shouldn't have).

    I'm still looking to see if I can roll back my BIOS to stock.......
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