DayZ Standalone: Performance tweaks

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Here are some tweaks to help with performance and below is just a few which will hopefully help those who are experiencing low FPS.

Command Line

The command line is set in the Steam properties on the game (right click the game in your library - properties) under “set launch options” and helps DayZ use the full amount of threads on a quad core cpu.

-nosplash – removes the Bohemia Interactive splash page.
-noPause – gets you into the game faster.
-cpuCount=8 – set this to how many cores your CPU has.
-maxMem =8192 – set this to the total amount of RAM your system has, 2048 for 2GB,  4096 for 4GB
The command line looks like this: -nosplash -noPause -cpuCount=8 -maxMem=8192 -exThreads=4

Configuration Files

The following tweaks were found online and really helped with getting my FPS higher. First off locate the below file under the below location.

C:\Users\yourname\Documents\DayZ\DayZ.cfg and change the following options:

Make sure you put the quotes around the numbers otherwise DayZ won’t apply changes. Next up locate the following location:

C:\Users\yourname\Documents\DayZ Other Profiles\your dayz profile name\your dayz profile name.DayZProfile and set the following options :

mouseSmoothing=0  - This should help sort out mouse acceleration
sceneComplexity=150000 - This number affects your object details.
shadowZDistance=100  - This is the distance at which shadows are drawn.
viewDistance=1600 – This number affects the distance view (trees, grass etc…).
preferredObjectViewDistance=1000 - This number affects the distance in meters that the objects will be drawn.

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