Long Time No See

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Hey kids how's it going?

I just figured I would drop by and see what's going on. This past year has been a crazy one for me in college which is why I haven't been on in probably about a year or more. I get on steam every once in a while when I'm at home, but my current tower could hardly run bf3 so who knows what you guys are playing now.

I don't have a nice PC anymore but I do have a shiny new ps4 that I play bf4 on occasionally so if you are on PSN feel free to add me: friple11

So how's everyone been doing? I check the forums occasionally but I know most of the real conversations go on over the mic.

I will be applying for grad schools in about 6 months so hopefully Ill get in, get my PhD and buy myself a fancy new tower.... In about 7 years ;)


  • Hey Fripple - good to hear from you! We're playing some BF4, some of us are also on DayZ. Good luck with Grad School!
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